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For Therapists

David Skibbins, PhD., MFT, and PCC has been helping therapist travel the same road he traveled from clinical work to executive and life coaching.

Author of Becoming a Life Coach: A Complete Workbook for Therapists, published by New Harbinger Press, he specializes in helping therapists master the marketing, business and coaching skills needed to successfully add coaching to their practice.


"He has a great sense of humor to soften his honest and sometimes challenging feedback. He is passionate about growing and encourages me to take risks for the benefit of the client."

- Shanti Bannwart Licensed Psychotherapist, Certified Professional & Personal Life-Coach.

"If you are considering adding life coaching to your professional services, Becoming a Life Coach: A Complete Workbook for Therapists is a worthwhile investment. The matter-of-fact framework David provides forms the intellectual foundation every therapist needs to understand in order to succeed in life coaching. David’s concrete examples, case studies, and exercises illustrate what skills are necessary to be a successful coach and what skills you’ll be able to easily transfer to coaching from therapy. David provides practical tools and sensible business advice that will help you discern whether or not life coaching is for you.

- Mary E. Olk, Ph.D, Licensed Psychologist, Professional Credentialed Coach