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Live 1 Hour Strategy Session and Success Coach 100 Tool

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Price: $149.00

One hour of live 1:1 coaching from one of the MyFullPractice Team and Success Coach 100 a powerful self accountability tool for taking your business to the next level.

Success Coach is simple but powerful self-accountability tool. Using it you will be able to:

  •  Pick from 50 proven ideas for marketing your business

  • Track your prgress via a fun point system that will lead to marketing success.

  • Assess how well you are implementing your marketing plan and how close you are to generating the revenue you want.

  • Celebrate your successes as you build your practice.

 It’s also a valuable tool for tracking progress as a part of a marketing-related workshop such as the 5 Steps Program or Break-Through Coaching groups*(offered by Myfullpractice.com), or for tracking your progress in your individual Break-Through Coaching (also offered by Myfullpractice.com.)

Order this practice building tool now and you will be able to access the PDF file instantly off our website!