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Confident Coach Guidebooks (set of 4)

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The Confident Coach Guidebooks are comprised of 4 distinct titles. Each book outlines a stumbling block common among coaches building a practice then uses worksheets and exercises to help you identify actions to move you forward.

1. Discover the “X” Factor: Your Key to a Successful Coaching Practice
Learn the essential ingredient every entrepreneur needs to succeed in today’s market. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you should read this: Do you struggle to create a sustainable pipeline of clients to feed your practice? Do life’s circumstances derail your business plans? Do you get so discouraged that it’s hard to market your services? Do you worry you lack what it takes to succeed?

2. What’s Your Coaching Really Worth?
A dinner out for two, a bottle of scotch, a message, a weekend workshop, a car payment, a mortgage payment? What should you charge? What can you hold? What does not feel like it creates obligation on either side? Be able to determine and then speak what you are worth without emotional energy—as if you were saying ‘please pass the butter.’

3. Enroll New Clients Without Fear
You know you are a great coach but you feel stuck when it comes to enrolling new clients. You may be suffering from Call Reluctance which is an emotional hesitation to prospect and self-promote. Are you ready to get clear about what may be stopping you from achieving your goal of a thriving and profitable coaching business?

4. Why You Can’t Sell Coaching
Let’s face it, most folks don’t wake up in the morning saying, “I can’t wait to hire a coach today and transform my life!” Stop talking about coaching, and learn to address your prospects’ deep urgent desire through targeted marketing. Learn to use The Coaching Investment Cycle, a four stage model which empowers you to deliver a specific result.